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Group Transportation

•  Wedding Parties 

•  Corporate Events

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•  Airport Transportation
•  Bachelor Parties & Bachelorette Parties 

•  Fraternity & Sorority Parties

Call Ms. Sue today at (334) 524-9164 for fast and friendly taxi services.

Tired of playing taxicab roulette? Wouldn't it be great if there was a taxicab company out there that you could always rely on for transportation and airport taxi services? There is. We're called Ms. Sue's Taxi. When you call Ms. Sue's Taxi, you'll always reach a live representative who will send a cab your way immediately. Save (334) 524-9164 in your cell phone and give us a call the next time you need a ride


A Family-owned-and-operated business, Ms. Sue's Taxi offers convenient transportation services at rates you can afford. We truly care about our clients and make sure you have a ride when you need one. Ms. Sue and her crew are dependable, honest, and always friendly. Though we always arrive a bit early to pick you up, we never pressure you or expect you to rush.

Female owned and operated —  (334) 524-9164

About Our Company

Airport Taxi Services

Never miss a flight due to late shuttle services. Our taxi company offers convenient transportation to and from airports, hotels, homes, and more. In order to receive on-time service, we highly recommend scheduling airport transportation services ahead of time.​


Parties & Groups

We provide excellent group transportation and taxi services for wedding parties, bachelor parties, and bachelorette parties. Our vehicles comfortably seat a number of guests.​